Boutique Consulting 


Client Centered 

With our client, at the center, we collaboratively listen to your needs &  guide your company's strategic goals to accelerate your business. While there is much discussion on adoption, we feel that the groundwork to fuel this lies in engagement, the root of which is education. Whether we are assisting with a strategic marketing & communications plan, valuation, corporate formation, legal services, a detailed Blockchain analysis/technology strategy, a risk-benefit analysis, or connecting you to needed resources and human capital, every aspect of our plan will be fully customized to your needs. The talents and networks of our consortium of consultants encompasses multiple industries, all of which center upon the bridging legacy systems to the emerging technologies, including but not limited to, Blockchain, digital assets, and other nascent technologies. 

The talents & networks of our consortium of consultants encompasses multiple industries: 

  • FinTech

  • RegTech

  • Capital markets

  • Real estate

  • Entertainment

  • Data analytics

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Machine learning

  • Financial services

  • Legal services

  • Cannabis


Our group works collaboratively as independent consultants to fuel entrepreneurs and companies at all stages. We build the Chicago ecosystem and beyond in concert in a proper and compliant, yet sustainable manner.


Our consultants refer by and between one another freely as we have worked on projects in various capacities together.

Our Team