Coaching Playbook: Education 101 for Parents When Traditional Education is DisruptED

Please note: this is not a how to homeschool handbook, but rather this is a collection of my coaching lessons that discuss how to engage students, why there is an imperative need to do so, and how you can optimize any student’s performance by understanding and leveraging their learning profile, pieces of the learning profile, labeled in green. General tools to enhance skills are pink, and student activity is purple. Each section discussing the theory behind engagement, e.g., why, this engagement is critical, is blue. Finally, for application, each section in purple is a set of links and resources to inspire a deep dive into a topic through many lenses for your student to get lost within. I do not give you a checklist of things to do, simply resources with a bit of commentary. I purport that teachers can transition to a ‘guide on the side,’ versus ‘sage on the stage,’ during this time. This model of instruction is nothing new. The theorist this comes from in part is Lev Vygotsky.
In sum: If educators identify the core objectives, and then turn to the student with clear guidelines, state, “This is your job for the week. I need to know how you are going to teach me all that you have learned. You need to show ABC,” then, ask the student to write a proposal, the level of engagement will be unmatched. Students will understand they, along with their families, are a high value stakeholder in their education. I call this Education Reform Simply Speaking. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you are in need of assistance or with feedback. I hope you enjoy. The Medium Series can be found here: Education Disrupted Education 101: As Parents Become Teachers a Survival Guide

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