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Our Collaborative Approach

With you, our client, at the center of our strategy and in full collaboration, we listen to your needs and consult with your company's strategic goals to accelerate your business. While there is much discussion on adoption, we feel that the groundwork to fuel this lies in engagement, the root of which is education. Whether we are assisting with a strategic marketing and communications plan, valuation, corporate formation, legal services, a detailed Blockchain analysis and technology strategy, risk benefit analysis, or connecting you to needed resources and human capital, every aspect of our plan will be fully customized to your needs.

The talents and networks of our consortium of consultants encompasses multiple industries, including Capital Markets, FinTech, Real Estate, RegTech, Entertainment, and Legal Services, all of which center upon the intersection bridging legacy systems to the emerging technologies including but not limited to Blockchain, digital assets, and other nascent technologies. 

Our group works collaboratively together as independent consultants to fuel entrepreneurs and companies at all stages whether trading and markets, entertainment, cannabis, data analytics, artificial intelligence or machine learning.  We build the Chicago ecosystem and beyond in concert in a proper and compliant, yet sustainable manner. Our consultants refer by and between one another freely as we have worked on projects in various capacities together.

DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: The members and represented logos that appear on this website may have referral agreements, an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to any suppliers of goods and services that may be discussed herein, and may be compensated for recommending products or services, or linked products and services other than legal services. These relationships may contain an unconscious bias towards represented companies herein.

Meet Our Team

Our team is comprised of a carefully, curated group of professional consultants and industry experts designed to your strategic needs. 


Jenny Balliet

Founder & CEO Lula & Co. 

Ms. Balliet is an exceptionally-skilled professional who consults on strategic engagement with a relentless passion for coaching entrepreneurs & companies at all stages of growth. She has a unique ability to intuitively identify the needs of multiple stakeholders simultaneously. Ms. Balliet leverages her natural ability to educate and empower others through both oral and written communication. Coupled with her social media ingenuity and coordinating interests in law and policy, she optimizes these marketing and public relations efforts, particularly in the realms of Blockchain, FinTech, digital assets, and entertainment. She serves as Director of Presentations at Athena.Trade.

Prior to moving into capital markets & technology, she spent greater than 25 years in education both in and out of the classroom, where she has assisted in driving many policy initiatives from education funding reform to healthcare, all with a keen focus on engagement. She speaks and coaches on the importance of ‘genuine collaboration’ & ‘engagement to optimize and empower.’ Her Master’s thesis centered around Technology adoption, ‘Increasing Parental Involvement Through Technology: Marriage or Divorce?’ (2004).


Joseph Calvanico

Investment & Valuation

Joseph J. Calvanico is recognized globally as a real estate and equipment appraisal expert. He has served thousands of client, both large and small by providing real estate appraisal and property consulting services.

Mr. Calvanico is experienced in property valuation and taxation work involving all types of property, including commercial and industrial, multi-residential and machinery and equipment. His work has supported matters related to financial reporting, tax documentation, lending, bankruptcy, disputes and expert testimony.

With over 35 years of experience, Mr. Calvanico was a former Big 4 Accounting Firm partner and has run two national practices for large accounting firms. He has served as an expert witness in federal, state, and local court proceedings and has testified before state legislatures. Joe is a frequent speaker on the subject of property value and property taxation and has authored over 100 articles on property value related subjects.



Chris William

Partner Convex Legal

Christopher Williams directs his practice to helping clients with the front end work. He shows Broker-Dealers, Investment Advisors, 3PLs, and entrepreneurs how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Chris initially left the world of financial regulations to help the same people he regulated. With a background including the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), he understands the demands placed on compliance teams and gears his practice towards providing an outside, in-house role.Along with financial compliance, Chris helps entrepreneurs and small businesses in drafting and filing all the legal documents necessary to start their business, run their companies, and raise capital from investors. Chris has helped small businesses raise funds and expand their products into markets across the country, as well as, sell their company off to international corporations. Chris completed his undergraduate degree in English at Marquette University, Milwaukee. Between undergraduate school and law school, Chris was a competitive sailor, racing in Olympic grade regattas with the goal of reaching the London Olympics. After racing, Chris received his law degree from Loyola University Chicago, School of Law.

Elaine Wyder-Harshman Partner Convex Legal

Elaine Wyder-Harshman

Partner Convex Legal

Elaine Wyder-Harshman uses her skills as a securities and corporate attorney to help entrepreneurs and artists execute their plans and protect their rights. Her clients hail from a variety of industries, from trading and blockchain, to tech companies and film.

Elaine received her J.D from Chicago-Kent College of Law. After law school,  she served for seven years as an assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois in the Civil Appeals Division. Before embarking upon her legal career, Elaine did photography and coding.

Elaine has been invited to speak or moderate panels on a variety of law-related topics, including consumer fraud, crowdfunding, blockchain, and the intersection of film and finance.


Nick Bach

Investment Advisor, Founder & CEO, Paid Equity Partners (PAID INC.)

Mr. Bach is highly sought after within the world of capital markets and  throughout the music and technology spaces. Formerly of Clearpath & Jacobus Wealth Management, he holds FINRA license Series 6, 65, & 63, which allows him the ability to provide investment advisory services. Mr. Bach’s extensive experience within finance and technology coupled with his specific focus on early stage venture tech, has curated a network to include various investors within a coworking and collaboration hub built out of the Community Venture Capital Model, which housed 8 companies. This model of innovation facilitated the flexibility entrepreneurs needed to build, disrupt, and develop their respective ecosystems whether in the venture, startup, entertainment, or tech world.

After leaving these firms, Mr. Bach coupled his business acumen with his love of entertainment into PAID INC.


Ben Ashkar

Partner & Founder, Healthy Analytics

Mr. Ashkar is a data-driven analytic, senior executive adept at organizational change, software development, and results oriented process development with experience across verticals such as media, advertising, and capital markets.  He skillfully uses applied mathematics to transform "big data" into actionable business intelligence via optimization, game theory,  predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and forecasting. Mr. Ashkar received his Masters in Business Analytics from the University of Notre Dame in 2016 and his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Washington University, St. Louis in 2010, where he majored in Finance.


Aaron Winkler

Founder & CEO, Clear Assets & Hamilton Technology

Mr. Winkler, formerly of OptionsHouse is well known for his understanding of both finance and full stack technology development.


Christopher Jana, Esq.

Transaction & Real Estate Attorney

Mr. Jana possesses a background in  commercial real estate transactions from advisory and brokerage to leasing, property management, valuation, and development.

His experience in financial services and transactional advisory including REITs, funds and annuities complement the emerging digital asset space.

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Martin Weslowski

Analyst, Athena Blockchain


Angela Kilgore

Judicial & Legal Researcher

Ms. Kilgore currently is headquartered in Chicago- by way of Detroit pursuing a Juris Doctorate. She has previously worked with Public Allies, a subsector of Americorps, assisting immigrants in connecting with resources and life enriching opportunities. Ms. KilgoreI completed her Bachelors Art (BA) at Michigan State in 2017, with a concentration in Cultural History, Environmental Science, and Public Policy She has been enamored with Digital Ledger Technologies as it relates to FinTech, Housing, and the intersection of Blockchain for efficacy and compliance.

Ms. Kilgore previously served as a legal researcher and Judicial Extern at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

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Naydu Brandenberg

Risk & Benefit Analyst

Mr. Jana possesses a background in  commercial real estate transactions from advisory and brokerage to leasing, property management, valuation, and development.

His experience in financial services and transactional advisory including REITs, funds and annuities complement the emerging digital asset space.

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